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Cortrex ~ by Thorne

  Difficult Yeast Issues 

Formula SF722~Thorne

Sleep Aids 

Melatonin 5mg Source Naturals

       Valerian Root                 NOW             

Tyrpto~Plus  MONTIFF 

Mood Elevator 

Neuro-Balance Montiff


Trehalose Sugar 

Inhibits Inflammatory Cytokine Production

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New Research: Trehalose and Neurodegenerative Diseases.

 Raw Nuts, Hemp seeds and protein powders, Nut butters, dried fruits, Goji Berries, and much much more!  Enjoy!

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Here are a few suggestions that Dr. Vicky uses and gives to her patients. 

ARG Products
  • Evening Primrose Oil — ARG71260 Evening PrimroseOil 500mg 120G
  • Borage Oil — ARG71320 Borage Oil GLA 1300mg 30G
  • Flaxseed Oil — ARG72350 Flax Seed Oil 8floz/ColdPresse
  • Immuno-Gland Plex (Organic Glandulars) — ARG70450 Immuno-Gland Plex 60C
  • Immune Prime (essential oil extract of the Geraniacea (Geranium)) — ARG73760 Immune Prime 10m

Cardiovascular Research Products

MeganephrineCVR-0509 Meganephrine 60C (Adrenl/Tyros)

Hylands Homeopathic

  • STH28041 Arnica Montana 30C 2Dram
  • HYL75043 Teething Gel .33oz
  • HYL75041 Teething Tablets 125T
  • HYL03041- Ferrum Phos. 3X

Montiff Products

  • All Basic Amino Acids Formula — MTF10020 All Basic 677mg 200C Amino Acids
  • B-Long-Time Released B Vitamin — MTF10150 B Long 120T/Sustained Release
  • Pyridoxyl-5-Phosphate or B6 — MTF10382 Tri Phos B 25mg 90T
  • PYRIDOXAL-5-PHOSPHATE — P-5'-P-Active, Co-enzyme B-6
  • THIAMINE-5-PHOSPHATE — Co-enzyme form of B-1
  • PYRIDOXAL-5-PHOSPHATE — P-5'-P-Active, Co-enzyme B-6
  • RIBOFLAVIN- 5-PHOSPHATE — Co-enzyme form of B-2
  • L-Lysine — MTF10421 Pure L-Lysine HCL 500mg 200C
  • L-Arginine
  • Tri-Phos-B
  • Tryptophan Complex — MTF10065 Trypto-Plus w/B6 & B2 50V
    MTF10066 Trypto Plus w/B6 & B2 100V

Nelson's (Bach Flowers) Products

  • Rescue Remedy — NLN00392 Rescue Remedy 20ml/0.7floz
  • Rescue Remedy Pastilles — NLN0145 Rescue Remedy Pastilles 50g/1.7oz Lozenge
  • Colostrum and Glyconutrient Supplement
  • Glyconutrient Complex
  • Hydroponically Grown Plant Sourced Multiple Vitamin/Mineral Supplement
  • Cardio Formula Complex With Glyconutrients
  • Intestinal health support and added beneficial flora with the glyconutrient complex
  • Advanced skin care gel containing the hydrogel of the glyconutrient complex
  • Glyconutrient Cream with dioscorea villosa and emu oil
  • Phytochemicals
  • Phytosterols/Phytogenins
  • Glyconutrient Antioxidant Complex
  • Food Matrix Multiple Vitamins and Minerals with Glyconutrients
  • Electrolyte Sport Drink with Medium Chain Triglycerides & Glyconutrients
  • Acid Activated / Acid Stable Digestive Enzymes