Case Studies

Subject: Abstracts

1. "Birth Induced TMJ Dysfunction: The Most Common Cause of Breastfeeding Difficulties" — Dynamic Chiropractic, 1993

ABSTRACT In a clinical setting, 1,000 newborns were observed and treated (ages one hour to 21 days), for failure and/or difficulty with breast feedings. In 800 or 80%, birth induced Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction was found to be the cause. In all cases the babies were treated with chiropractic cranial and spinal adjustments, with excellent results in 99% of the cases. This paper discusses the basic clinical findings and related newborn discomforts and associated symptomatology involving other symptoms. (1993 Proceedings)

2. "Thoracolumbar Fixations During Pregnancy Contributing To Lower Back Pain" A Chiropractic Study of 25 Cases — ICAK Publication, August 1996

ABSTRACT — Thoracolumbar pain is a very common and severe discomfort during pregnancy especially during the second and third trimesters. In this study, twenty-five women with gestation of 25 weeks to 40 weeks were treated for Thoracolumbar fixations as their primary complaint, and lower back pain as a secondary complaint. In all cases, the Thoracolumbar fixation was found and treated with chiropractic adjustments, which resulted in relief of their lower back pain.

3. "Lower Back Pain In Pregnancy" Chiropractic Treatment and Results of 50 Cases" — Dynamic Chiropractic, July 15, 1994

Lower back pain is well known to all practitioners to be the most common complaint women have during pregnancy, and it can also be the most severe and debilitating. In this study, 50 pregnant women were treated with chiropractic adjustments and care for severe lower back pain. The gestation of the pregnancy in these women ranged from 2 weeks to 38 weeks and they were all treated for some degree of lower back pain. In all cases the cause of the back pain was sacroiliac joint dysfunction. All women were treated with specific chiropractic adjustments and adjunctive nutritional therapy. In all cases "lower back pain" was completely eliminated.