Conception occurs when the sperm meets the female ovum or egg and fertilization takes place. Infertility is so prevalent now in couples, and there are so many factors involved, equally in both men and women.

For the men, so much has to be just right with the sperm for this miracle to happen, and since the man makes sperm constantly, diet and lifestyle can improve the quality of sperm very quickly.

Some of the qualities necessary in the sperm for conception are as follows: There must be an adequate number of sperm. The sperm must have strength, or viability. Motility can be a huge factor, as well, affecting greatly whether the sperm meets the egg. Hormonal balance, of course, is one of the most important factors.  But, as science reveals, probably the most important factor for conception is cell-to-cell communication.

There is a cellular communication mechanism on the surface of the egg and sperm that will facilitate their union. These mechanisms are present for every cell in the human body. Whether the communication lines are working or not, has been shown to be dependent on diet and making sure we are not deficient in the essential nutrients that keep the communication ports open.

As for the woman, if she is having regular menstrual cycles, she releases an egg every month. Since she is born with all her eggs, she won’t make new eggs throughout her lifetime. Therefore, for women, health consciousness can be more important. Exposure to chemicals or toxins (teratogens) might result in mutations of the eggs and sperm, so it is very important to live and eat healthy.

For the most part, each ovary will take turns releasing an egg every month. If she does not conceive, she will have her menstrual cycle with bleeding. The future mother must have optimum hormonal function, along with a diet that is not deficient of essential nutrients, to communicate with the sperm. She also must create the environment for which the fertilized egg can implant in the uterus, grow a placenta, and then grow a baby. If by chance she releases two eggs and they are both fertilized, she will have fraternal twins.

This is why there is emphasis on preconception. For example, before you move into your newly built house, you must have the roof on, the walls up, the heater working, water running, and everything ready to live comfortably. The same goes for a woman who plans to get pregnant. Conception depends on all the conditions to be just right to grow and “house” the new baby, including integrity of her eggs and blood, lining of the uterus, hormonal balance, her structure, diet, and her health. It just takes planning and a health conscious attitude to accomplish this miracle moment to bring forth life