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Parents use Religion to Avoid Vaccines
Sabrina Rahim doesn't practice any particular faith, but she had no problem signing a letter declaring that because of her deeply held religious beliefs, her 4-year-old son should be exempt from the vaccinations required to enter preschool.

Metro West Daily News: Adjusting to Pregnancy

Orange County New Source: Touchy, touchy, touchy

Dallas Morning News: Chiropractors help pregnant women with pain

Splenda toxicity video

VIDEO UPDATE -- Scientific Basis for Splenda Toxicity - Find out why the chlorine in Splenda makes it very similar to DDT, PCB and Agent Orange and why you will want to consider minimizing your exposure to this artificial sweetener.

Watchful Waiting on Prostate Cancer
Six years ago, doctors told Pastor Richard Anderson he had the beginning stages of prostate cancer. Everyone urged him to act fast.

The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology Education and Organization for the Age of Mercury Free Dentistry. Featured articles
How Mercury Causes Brain Degeneration
The Smoking Teeth

See the Video on Vaccine Humor

Dr. Jay Appears on ABC's 20/20 Show: Dr. Jay appeared on 20/20's segment "Milk Money" as an expert to discuss breastfeeding and the baby formula industry.
Watch 20/20 video.

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The Silent Killer — inflamatory Breast Cancer