Labor and Delivery

Labor and delivery is the end result of pregnancy. There is no way out and the birth of the baby will happen. This event can be one of the most intensive athletic events a woman will ever endure. The pregnancy, or gestation period, leads to the birth of the newborn.

The average time for labor and delivery, and vaginal birth in a new mom is approximately 18-24 hours. During this time the placenta must support the baby along with the mother’s oxygen through the umbilical cord. The placenta is the only organ with a lifespan. Midwives focus their prenatal care on the placenta, to grow a big, fat and healthy placenta. They do this with diet, rest, and constant monitoring of the mother. They believe that if the placenta is as healthy as it can be, there will not be a rescue at birth. The baby will be supported by the placenta throughout this difficult event, and birth will ensue as nature intended.

Many women are scared to deliver their baby. They want to have drugs so that they do not feel the pain. The only problem with that is the baby will also have drugs going into its little, new body, and that is not the best thing for a newborn.
The best way to eliminate the fear is to have education. Ignorance breeds fear, and if the couple attend birthing classes and learn what will be happening, the fear will not be there at the birth.

Let’s face it ladies, this will be one of the most painful events you will ever experience. It is an empowering experience as well; probably, the most empowering experience in a woman’s life. Many women, who have had caesarian sections, feel that they didn’t accomplish what they needed to until they actually gave birth vaginally. This is something only the woman can do and it is important that she be facilitated in every way to do it.

Labor and delivery has become a medical necessity rather than a natural event. Dogs, cats, mammals in nature all give birth to their young. It is something that women were designed to do, and do well. If she learns about pregnancy and the birth, and she takes care of herself by following her practitioner’s advice, the birth should be a wonderful event. And of course, what makes it all wonderful is the prize at the end of labor and delivery, and that, of course is the new baby.

And women turn around and do it over and over and over again, because this is truly the miracle, and the miracle of the woman’s body.