Pediatrics is a specialty that deals with babies and children up to the age of 18 years. This is when the child develops and the replication of cells is at the person’s highest level. The brain is developing, and the baby learns how to creep, crawl and walk. This alone, if not achieved, can predispose the baby to dyslexia. The baby must be on its belly and creep, like GI Joe, to stimulate the brain, nervous tissue and tactile cells, to promote the proper growth and development in the brain. Most babies who do not creep, then crawl, have been found to experience learning disabilities and are challenged with school and learning.

Nutrition for the baby really starts in utero. This is why good prenatal care is so vital to the outcomes of baby and mother. Enhancing the rapid cellular development with good nutrition that feeds the cells with the recommended vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients (glyconutrients, phytonutrients, and phytosterols), will produce a healthier, stronger baby with more reserves to withstand the labor and delivery. After birth, breastfeeding is preferred. Not only is the baby getting the colostrum (first milk) from mom containing the rich immunoglobulins such as IgG, but beyond that, the baby will get the micronutrients (5 of the 8 glyconutrients) that mother makes in her breast milk.

The birth process really mangles a baby’s skull and breastfeeding itself will also help the baby to remold the skull back to normal. Immediately after birth, the chiropractic adjustment is recommended to restore normal alignment and function to the baby’s spine and the cranial adjustment will help with breast-feeding and help the baby to be able to have the best biomechanics to breast-feed effectively.

The first thing a baby does after birth is look to find the breast. These children are telling us something important. Everything depends on absorption in their bodies. Food is the only outside need they have for survival. It is critical that they are fed properly and are eating nutrient rich food from the beginning of development inside the womb. Nutrition for the pregnant woman is the only effective approach that is safe to benefit both she and her developing fetus.        

As children grow from babies to toddlers and on upward, their needs will change. One thing will never change, and that is good nutrition. If early on, we teach our children wellness and practice health and prevention, they will always know that what they eat is 99.9% of their health. It requires discipline by the parents, but children get it. They often times will lap up cod liver oil and smell like little fish, and parents are amazed that they could easily take such strong odorous oil. It is fun to see that children do know what is good for them, and most often than not, when they are given their supplements and fed a good diet, they tend to crave the good wholesome foods more.