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vaccinesMany years ago a good friend of ours realized that a number of "ill-informed" parents were refusing to get their children vaccinated, rejecting the wise counsel of their family doctors. So, Healthy Answers Online offers a document that they thought would help to convince the parents of the safety and efficacy of the vaccines being offered to their children. 
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A word from one of the most knowledgeable midwife in America!   
Tonya Brooks
O.K. Here is my take on immunizations. 1) not enough is known about the immune system to know which child will have NO side effects from immunizations or for whom they will be completely effective.2) Real side effects and their long term sequel are NOT fully reported and studied 3) drug companies are not forth coming in what is in them. 4) at every step on the chain someone makes money 5) the manufacturers and distributors have enough money to buy or influence scientist who investigate only part of the picture 6) parents who are genuinely concerned are demonized, characterized as stupid, not understanding the "science" and 7) people who get measles anyway are thrown into a statistic in an outbreak. 8) the media is used by implying to an individual reporter they are" more intelligent than the public and can understand" 9) this makes the forward movement NOT trusted10). In MY own in house survey I found that all 6 pediatricians I trusted said they had not seen "side effects" to immunizations" but when hammered by me about real, tight follow up NOT one had done it. 11) My concerns of multiple immunizations given together especially to a baby were addressed by NO doctor, scientist or government entity. 12) Our governments and media approach is to ATTACK the parents , refuse care, call them stupid , vilify the doctors who question, deny care.13) I will fully support immunization of children when the drugs and their side effects are fully disclosed by drug companies, government agencies AND parents can make truly informed decisions on behalf of their children.

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Vaccines are not safe, and the number of shots children are taking keeps increasing at a tremendous speed. This means huge profits for the big drug companies -- especially when parents are told that it is mandatory.

Measles Vaccine Undeniably Linked to Autism
Vaccine Scare
The vaccine strain of measles virus has been found in the guts of 85 percent of autistic children in a New York University School    of Medicine study. The finding renews concerns that the triple combination vaccine of measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) given to children may not be entirely safe. In the study, biopsies of gut tissue were performed on 82 autistic children who had serious intestinal inflammation. Seventy of these showed evidence of the measles virus. Similar results were found by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who found the measles virus in the guts of 12 autistic children in 1998, and pathologist John O'Leary in 2002. In the UK, over 2,000 parents say their children were developing normally until they received the MMR vaccine when they were 12-18 months old. Afterward, the children developed autism. Some theorize that the virus may pass through the gut and into the bloodstream, from which it is able to attack the brain. Mainstream scientists maintain that there is no evidence linking the MMR vaccine to autism, however, in the UK concerns regarding MMR's potential side effects have driven vaccination rates to as low as 70 percent.

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